Monday, 20 July 2020


Grey Falcon
Lark Quarry is a must visit. The site of a Dinosaur stampede and a Conservation Park, it is located about 110 kilometres south of Winton.

Arguably one of Australia's most striking, and certainly rarest falcons, the flacons breed near Lark Quarry. We were lucky enough to see four birds; mum, dad and their latest two youngsters, flying around scaring small birds. Especially a Tree Martin, whose short life would have flashed before its eyes, as three Grey Falcons were swooping it again and again.
Grey Falcon in flight - a Tree Martin's worst nightmare!
Grey Falcon
Grey Falcons [3] on the distant ground

We plan to visit Winton and its surrounding area next year on our North West Queensland so if you would like to add this species, and many others to your life list please email Ken on to secure a place. We have three places left for this trip.

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