Wednesday, 8 July 2020


I have been accused of liking mammals as much as birds.


Like many kids I loved animals. I had toy animals. I read books with animals. I watched TV shows with animals, documentaries, of course, like Wild Kingdom from the USA but also shows from Britain which featured my heroes, David Attenborough and Gerald Durrell. I watched movies with animals - think the classic but amazingly politically correct Hatari and movies like Ring of Bright Water. 

And mammals were the focus of these books and shows and movies.

So mammals were there before birds...

But seeing mammals in the wild is hard. And seeing birds in the wild is relatively easy. And that is why, to some naturalists, a natural evolution is to become a birder.

But the love and interest for mammals is always there.

Now this is a long winded way to say that we [ABS] value seeing mammals [and other wildlife] as well as birds.

So here are some of the mammals that we saw while birding out and about Bunya and beyond.

Whiptail Wallabies

Red necked Wallaby - an abundant specie in Bunya Mountains
Red necked Wallaby at Bunya Mountains

Black striped Wallabies
So there is quite the variety of Macropod [Kangaroo species - macropod meaning big foot...] species when you begin to look..... 

Common Brushtailed Possum in a common public toilet in the Lockyer Valley

Come birding with us!

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