Paul Fraser [Wet Tropics to Cape York - 2019] 

 Spending two weeks with like minded people, sharing stories of birding places and experiences, and sharing new experiences is my idea of a good time. Capitalising on the knowledge of the tour leaders resulted in me seeing places and birds that I may never have otherwise seen, or at best, taken much longer to have seen, and at a higher cost. The arrangements of times, places, accommodation and meals could not have been better. 

I highly recommend this trip or a similar trip.

Helen Procter-Brown  [Wet Tropics to Cape York - 2019] 

Hi Ken and Steve

1. Congratulations on the huge success of your ‘first’ Australian birding tour. At no stage did I feel that you were breaking your teeth (so to speak) as guides, tour planners, tour directors, itinerary planners or professional tour leaders all combined into one.

2. I loved that, although there was a full itinerary, it was flexible so that as new information came to hand, plans could be (and were) modified to make the most of every moment and opportunity. (That’s how I like to travel!) 

3. You took me to places that, left to my own devices, I may never have seen - although I wished to.  At no time did I feel isolated even though,  now I look at the map, we were in pretty isolated territory.

4. You took me to places that I can and wish to return to. (The atlas is on the table for ready consultation!)

5. You maximised every opportunity for all group members to see so many new species. (I was amazed how many ‘lifers’ that so many seasoned birders achieved.) You encouraged group members to share sightings. 

6. There’s much more I could say, and possible will, but it’s 6 o’clock and I’m due for a glass of wine!!  

Thanks for the amazing memories.

Robyn Combes [Wet Tropics to Cape York - 2019] 

Hi Ken and Steve, 
I enjoyed every minute of the trip. To travel in far north Queensland was a treat and something I probably couldn't have done with the same ease that your tour provided. The birds were fabulous. 

Thanks to you and Steve for a great trip.

Gillian Matthew [Wet Tropics to Cape York - 2019] 

“Thank you Ken and Steve for an absolutely wonderful trip. You have a personable manner and a relaxed style that makes it a pleasure to travel with you.  Your pace was terrific with just enough downtime and plenty of opportunity to do extra birding if we didn’t need or want the time out.   I was thrilled with my “roomie” and indeed made a new friend. As for the birds - what a smorgasbord!  The birding could not have been better.  When is the next trip please?!”

Bruce Zimmer [Wet Tropics to Cape York - 2019] 

 Yes I thoroughly enjoyed our trip up to Weipa, it proved full of superb adventures and although physically demanding on an oldie like myself, it was an unforgettable & memorable set of experiences. I should've undertaken a tour like this 10- 20 years-ago when I had more energy :-)

BTW overall I saw 43 new bird species, bringing my lifetime total to 485 Aussie bird species.

I'm looking forward to the pre-xmas get-together!

Thanks again for a great trip.

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