Safaris, by definition, involves taking a journey. Our safaris involve starting and finishing in different cities and involve often considerable travel. Australia is obviously a huge country and sometimes there is little alternative to travelling long distances to see some of our special landscapes and their birds.


Wet Tropics to Cape York Safari –             STILL SOME PLACES FOR 2021!
Arguably the best two weeks birding in all of Australia! Centred on two great regions; the Wet Tropics, surrounding Cairns and its hinterland, and Cape York Peninsular. A host of endemic bird and mammal species can be found in both regions in addition to many special species only shared with southern Papua New Guinea. 
Dates: September 2021

 The North West Queensland Safari  –       STILL SOME PLACES LEFT FOR 2021!!
    This 21 day safari, designed by Ken and Steve, begins at the port city of Townsville in Tropical North Queensland at the southern end of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. We begin by birding the varied habitats of  coastal Townsville, before making our way [much] further west into the Australian outback. The Australian outback is an incredibly diverse landscape; ancient, remote and wild. This safari, through a variety of inland habitats, will allow us to build a great list of birds and other wildlife. Expect to see flocks of beautiful parrots, nomadic Honeyeaters, brilliant coloured Chats, gorgeous finches and a host of raptor species. We will visit small outback towns, staying in comfortable accommodation, with hearty meals and country hospitality. The dry of the outback will be replaced by an oasis; Lawn Hill Gorge National Park - home to the exquisite Purple crowned Fairy wren. Karumba perched on the southern edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria, with mangroves full of specialty species, features next before a coast to coast journey across the base of Cape York Peninsular. Our safari finishes with lowland rainforests in Mission Beach [of Cassowary fame] and upland rainforest where truly Wet Tropic endemic birds and mammals still thrive!   
Dates: September 2021

 Western Queensland - Birding Bowra to Birdsville and Beyond - NEW FOR 2021
       This will be the ultimate western Queensland Birding adventure!
     Where to start? This trip has been designed by Ken and Steve to explore all of the arid and semi arid habitats in Western Queensland. Perhaps most exciting is the opportunity to try to find all of Queensland's elusive Grasswrens; Eyrean, Grey, Rusty, Kalkadoon and Carpenatrian. Along the way we'll witness a host of other outback avifauna plus mammals like the iconic Red Kangaroos, the largest marsupial species there is. We will explore the Australian Wildlife Conservancy's property, Bowra and hunt for Hall's Babbler and Chestnut breasted Quail thrush. We'll see Emus run and Bustards strut. We'll see flocks of finches and parrots plus, hopefully, a flock of Flock Pigeons. And as we bird and explore we will also learn a little about the indigenous culture that once was spread through these deserts and along these inland rivers.
      Dates - June 2021
      Starting and finishing in the western town of Longreach.

   For bookings or further information please email Ken at

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