Capital - definition/s
noun: capital
 - the city or town that functions as the seat of government and administrative centre of a country or region.

adjective: capital
 - excellent.

Our Capital Birding tours are excellent birding and natural history trips of 7 to 14 days duration that start and finish in selected capital and key cities in Australia.

These short trips focus on birds, mammals and habitats within a relatively short radius of the cities. Opportunities will also exist to explore the cities themselves either before or after the trips.

      Brisbane - see Brisbane Birding Breaks

Darwin - Planned for 2021! EMAIL to reserve your place!

Perth - Planned for September 2022! EMAIL to reserve your place!

Hobart - Planned for February 2022! EMAIL to reserve your place!

Trips are also being planned from the bases of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs and Townsville.
Elegant Parrot near Adelaide

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