Thursday, 16 July 2020


You know what they are..
Noonbah is, as the above picture suggests, a Cattle Station. It is a cattle station run by Angus Emmott.

Here is some information about the property in, more or less, their words and my pictures;

Noonbah Station sprawls across 52,000 hectares (128,000 acres) of ridges, flats, ancient hills and vast flood-outs at the head of the world renowned Channel Country.

An operational beef cattle property, as well as a home and business, Noonbah has been in the Emmott family for four generations... over 100 years.

The eastern boundary is the Thomson River, named by explorer Edmund Kennedy in 1847, the year before his ill-fated journey to Cape York.  Carving through Noonbah to join the Thomson River are the Vergemont Creek channels which drain the vast 500,000 hectare (1,250,000 acre) Vergemont Station to the north.

While usually no more than a string of intermittent, shady waterholes, in full flood, these channels spread their liquid bounty across 24,000 hectares.  It soaks the arid land, igniting a pulse of life that explodes plant and animal populations, building the resilience to allow them to survive the next dry cycle. 

The diversity of Noonbah’s flora and fauna is a reflection of the wide variety of habitats, from black soil to red, Gidyea to Mulga, floodplains to rocky ridges and Spinifex escarpments.
No one knows these plants and animals as well as Angus. He has lived his whole life amongst them, passionately focused on collecting, recording, understanding and sharing.  This passion has led to the discovery of many new species, a number named after him or the family.

As a result of Angus’ deep affinity for, and knowledge of, the natural world, and his passion for sharing, we now offer half day natural history tours.  If you’d like a deeper understanding of this outback landscape and its inhabitants, an Angus Emmott Natural History Tour will be right up your alley.

I recommend considering camping or staying at Noonbah for a fascinating outback experience.

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