Saturday, 9 November 2019

Our 2020 Plans

In 2020 we plan to begin and run the following safari tours;

August – NW QLD 
[Townsville – Winton – Opalton – Lark Quarry – Cloncurry – Mt Isa – Lawn Hill Gorge – Karumba – Georgetown – Mission Beach – Ingham – Paluma – Townsville – 20 days]
Spinifex Pigeon

October – Wet Tropics to Cape York
[Cairns – Great Barrier Reef - Atherton Tableland – Daintree – Lakefield NP – Iron Range NP – Weipa - 15 [or 16] days]
Golden Bowerbird

The Noisy Friarbird

We chose the Noisy Friarbird as our symbol.

 The Noisy Friarbird is a large honeyeater that is uniquely connected with Australia [and southern New Guinea]. It is noisy, conspicuous and gregarious. It is migratory [in the southern parts of its range] and capable of moving long distances.  It is also quite bald

We feel that for these reasons this bird represents us quite well!