Saturday, 8 February 2020

Ken goes birding in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - January 2020

Early this year I was invited by a few other local birders to do a day's birding in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland; specifically the western slopes of the Conondale Ranges. This is one of the great birding areas in south east Queensland. 

On the way to Kilcoy we stopped briefly at Cove Road near Stanmore. At Kilcoy we stopped near the abattoir before driving north. We stopped at a number of sites including Peach Trees and the nearby Yabba Road. On the Kimbombi Road we also saw some nice woodland species. We saw a great variety of species for the day plus a few nice mammals.
Cotton Pygmy Geese

Black tailed Nativehen - an uncommon bird for the Sunshine Coast

Black tailed Nativehen
Yellow rumped Thornbill near Kilcoy

Yellow rumped Thornbill near Kilcoy
Variegated Fairywren

Brown Treecreeper
White bellied Cuckoo Shrike
Yellow tufted Honeyeater

Jacky Winter

Fuscous Honeyeater
Varied Sitella
Striated Thornbill
White winged Chough
juvenile Brown Goshawk

Whiptail Wallaby
Red Deer - introduced species

These sites have been woven into our Brisbane Birding Break Tour - Sunshine Coast Hinterland, which we hope to run a couple of times in 2021. Please email me for details - 
headless Red rumped Parrot - an uncommon species this far east
Pink eared Duck at Kimbombi Road Dam

Hoary headed Grebe
both Hoary headed and Australasian Grebe 
- Ken Cross

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